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Košarica je prazna.
KošaricaKošarica je prazna.
Simon Bogojević Narath - Saturn's circle
Simon Bogojević Narath - Saturn's circle
Simon Bogojević Narath - Saturn's circle
Simon Bogojević Narath - Saturn's circle
Simon Bogojević Narath - Saturn's circle
Simon Bogojević Narath - Saturn's circle

Simon Bogojević Narath - Saturn's circle

Šifra: 02477
Autor: Simon Bogojević Narath
Izdavač: autorovo izdanje
Godina izdanja: 2017.
Mjesto izdanja: Zagreb
Broj stranica: 100
Format: 32x24 cm
Uvez: tvrdi

"Silent" graphic novel "Saturn's Circle" follows the destinies and adventures of the two LAWYERS, working for the Bank Corp. During an attempt to envict the Poor Familiy - THE GRANPA, THE GRANDMA and THE GIRL - The Banking Duo gets into trouble caused, quite possibly, and possibly quite accidentally, by The Girl's child-curse. The Duo is drawn into a surrealist, hard-to-define universe of apparitions and quite unpleasant corporal experiences, reaping the fruits of their professional work in a circle of carmic relationships, wandering the intertwined paths laid down by cause and effect. Meanwhile, The Girl, her Family literally thrown into the street, discovers her own violin-playing virtuosity which completely defines her upcoming destiny.
In a clash between the polarities of the calculated and the innocent, in a sardonic dance of opposites, there emerge the questions meant for each and every one of us:
Who wins? Who learns more? Who becomes better?

Try to escape... if You have nothing better to do.


Simon Bogojevic-Narath was born in Croatia in 1968. After studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb, where he qualified in 1992, he became a member of the Croatian Artists' Association (HDLU). In 1990, he started working on video, videotapes and video installations and exhibited at various exhibitions and festivals in Croatia and Europe. He began working with 2D and 3D computer animation in 1993, when he also formed a media art group FX Interzone which produced computer generated music videos for a number of TV stations. In 1995, he produced a short experimental video, Hand of the Master, which won an award at the 24th Youth Salon, Zagreb. He became an art director in Kenges, a Zagreb based company. Between 1997 and 1999, he produced an experimental video-film, Bardo Thodol, based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which won the Oktavijan Award for best experimental video-film at the Days of Croatian Film and Video in 2000. Since 2004 he has been a member of the core faculty at the Arts Academy, University of Split lecturing on Electronic Animation and Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. He is the author of several short experimental and animated films, some of which won international awards.

Condition: new.

229,00 kn
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